PCB Engineering Services

EC Vendors have already eminent records in embedded solutions and Now we have enhance our service into PCB Engineering Services. We already have some test cases and we worked as a vendor for leading PCB designing companies. As a Service provider, we know how PCB designing is more important.

For Business Enquiry pcb@ecvendors.com

Our Skills

  • Schematic capture from customer input. Inputs may be pin list or schematic diagram in PDF or picture format.
  • Placement with DFA knowledge
  • Routing and power planning with DFM knowledge
  • Post process work including silkscreen, Solder mask, fabrication Drawing.
  • Gerber generation and validation using CAM350 software

Our Capabilities

  • Both test boards and non-test boards also called commercial boards.
  • VerigyT2000, Teradyne Ultra Flex and Integra flex, credence d10, Catalyst for load boards.
  • Cantilever probe cards, vertical and blade probe cards

Quality Policy

  • Process oriented Quality system
  • Continual improvement in quality system through skill upgradationand team work
  • Strictly adherent to the customer requirements
  • Factual approach to decision making

What we handle…

  • Load boards
  • Probe cards
  • High speed design
  • Fiber view routing
  • Analog
  • Digital
  • Mixed signal
  • Memory(DDR)
  • Power supplies
  • Consumer products

Business Operation Model


Case Studies

Test Board

  • Tester: Verigy93K
  • Layer count: 8 signals, 8 plane
  • Application : Final test board for production
  • Technology: Blind via
  • Frequency : 6.2Gbps
  • Total components : 642
  • Board size: 16.9"x22.9"
  • Design complexity : Strip line configuration, length matching, via stichingfor high speed signals, shielded traces

Monitor Lane

  • Key component: 484 pin Actelprocessor
  • Layer count: 6
  • Application : Aerospace
  • Frequency: 350MHz
  • Board size: 4.2"x4.2"
  • Design complexity : Mixed signals, Data and address signals matched length

Ethernet Switching Card

  • Key component : DDR Sdram
  • Layer count : 10 Layers
  • Application : LAN Switching
  • Board Size : 400MM * 250 MM
  • Design Complexity: DDR SDRAM used in this Design and all the signals of SDRAM is length matched